Day 20 – Thankful for Scottevest

As many of you know, I’m extremely patriotic – and is one of those great American examples of why I love America. Scott Jordan saw the need for something, took the risk to create it, people bought it, and he’s been hugely successful. And I’m more than happy to give him free advertising on my blog and twitter account (which I constantly do) because I wish him all the success he can have! (My tweets have been featured on four times: 1, 2, 3, 4 Follow Scott @Scottevest)

What is Scottevest? It comes from the combination of his name “Scott” + “E” (electroncis) + “Vest” his original product:

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But his company has grown to include a WIDE variety of products ranging from winter coats, trench coats (the ‘carry-on coat’) to dress shirts and sport coats to boxers and women’s apparel.

As a geek tech lover, and one who now takes an iPad with me everywhere I go – Scottevest clothes are THE SOLUTION for men who don’t want to carry a “purse” or so-called “man bag” and don’t want to haul a backpack or briefcase everywhere.

PLUS, for professionals like me who travel a lot and are frustrated with the hassle  at airport security, a Scottevest vest or jacket gives you an extra carry-on. Simply put everything in your Scottevest and you breeze right through, hassle free!

I routinely pack my iPad, iPhone, Apple headset (which I have a set wired into every Scottevest), glasses, GPS for the rental car, digital camera, spare memory cards, tripod, flipcam, magic tricks, balloons to calm crying kids on the plane, keys, mini iPad shuffle (the awesome one Apple discontinued), pens, and various car adapters, chargers, spare battery for laptop, etc. and I don’t look bulky at all.

Plus, I have several Scottevest pants and shirts and even a hat which allows me to have my Verizon Broadband card handy when I have no pockets!

Karl in SeV 2012 Catalog Fan Page in Yosemite

I just found out that my fan pic was picked to appear in the 2012 SeV Catalog that I submitted from hiking in Yosemite National Park last May. (That is Vernal Falls in the background.)

I am thankful for Scottevest because Scott Jordan took the risk to create products no one else would… they are high quality, excellent, creative, practical and downright awesome. And available nowhere else.

And if you want to get a deal, I made this page for you to check out everyday:

EVERY DAY they put something on sale, and it turns out, the vest above is on sale today, why not snag one up!?

(No, I’m not in kahoots with Scott Jordan, he doesn’t even know I’m doing this! I get nothing for doing this! I’m just a nice guy.)

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  1. Karl- awesome review! Consider this another time that we are going to publish your article on our posterous page, newsletter and we’re going to tweet it!

  2. Glad to help spread the word!

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