CM Leaders Conference is a Must

The 1st CM Leaders Conference, hosted by INCM, is coming to a close. It was a fantastic time of challenge, inspiration and fellowship for leaders in children’s ministry.

I highly recommend it to leaders for their own enrichment – in addition to CPC, and INCM is offering a bundle on registration that makes the cost of this conference close to a meal out with a colleague if you attend both next year, so you have no reason to miss it.

I especially enjoyed meeting folks from Kidology that I’ve never crossed paths with before and getting to ‘break bread’ with my ‘kidmin peeps’ at meal times.

The conversations were fun but at times intentionally focused on issues we were facing in our ministries.

Opportunities to encourage or equip one on one were memorable. The comradore on Twitter via the hashtag #CMLeaders was at times hysterical.

I appreciated that there was both speakers who were well known and experienced, but some who may be less known, but equally qualified and with much to share and great challenges and insights, even if conference speaking isn’t a career for them. The blend was well thought through.

There were some helpful resource providers, but due to the smaller crowd, they had more time to visit and chat than at the larger CPC venue.

Having the time to work with people and answer their questions was a real treat.

I may post later some of the challenges and quotes from the speakers – but for now, I’m just processing them at a personal level. For now I just wanted to give INCM’s launch of the CM Leaders Conference an enthusiastic Two Thumbs Up and encourage you to join me next year! I’ll be starting my CM Leaders streak. (It’ll never catch up to my 40 CPCs streak!)

See ya at the next INCM Conference.

– Posted while mobile via iPhone, editing to come!

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  1. It was great meeting you, Karl. Your podcasts have been such a blessing in my ministry life!!

    Lindsey @

  2. Thanks! I enjoyed getting to meet you as well, so encouraging to hear the podcasts are a help!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement and for joining us, Karl… it was a huge blessing to have a friend there to give us some honest assessments. See you at CPC!

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