More Than Just a Coach

Just one of many thank you letters I receive from our Kidology Coaching graduates:

Dear Karl,

I want to thank you for organizing the Kidology Coaching program. It has helped me tremendously and I have learned both ministry and life skills through the material and my coach.

I joined Kidology and the coaching program about three years ago. When I first joined I was in a position where I was leading a Children’s Ministry with NO experience and feeling very overwhelmed. When I started there were only between 15 and 20 kids. I originally was looking for a coach to give me some direction and advice. As I sit here three years later, I realize that I have achieved both of these through Kidology Coaching. However, I have gained so much more.

Barney has become family to me. He is more than a coach, and the life skills he has taught me have given me guardrails and guidance that are priceless. He has instilled confidence in me when I was drowning in fear. He has helped me form good boundaries with family members. He has been patient with me when I struggled to keep in contact and on task. He has always been there for me when I needed him. He has helped me with my deep struggles as I asked GOD for guidance on life decisions. He has been a listening ear when I was dealing with frustrations in ministry. He is a trusted life coach and I consider him family.

Through the content of Kidology Coaching I learned how to take baby steps to complete a large goal. I learned that small, but consistent steps of discipline are the most important steps to achieving good habits. I learned how to do effective object lessons, Gospel magic, and what format to use when putting together lessons. I also learned administrative skills that have helped me to achieve my goals. Some of the lessons I learned have prepared me for the future and I am so grateful for that. I am a better Children’s church minister because I have learned so much about children and how to best reach and teach them.

I appreciate the format of the coaching because it used a good building structure. This type of structure is so solid and really created a firm foundation of learning. The units were composed of one-step lesson for each skill – this style of teaching fits me very well.

I recently finished the program and I still look through the material and seek Barney’s counsel on a regular basis. Now we are averaging 20 kids on Sundays and our new Wednesday program is attracting an average of 25 kids. GOD has used me to lead many children to the LORD. Also I have used Awesome Adventure to disciple two children at a time for 3 quarters. I have grown immensely through the program and I am so grateful that I found it.

This program bears fruit far beyond the coaching. I apply what I have learned on a regular basis and teach others the skills I have learned. Thank you so much for training leaders so that they can better lead and love children.

Jenny Erickson, Graduate, Kidology Coaching Program

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