The KidHelper in Town

It’s been a great weekend! Barney Kinard, aka, The Kidhelper. The designer of Kidology Coaching has been in town for several days for some fun and strategic planning. If you’re my friend on facebook, then you’ve seen some of the fun we’ve had from Buffalo Burgers to Casa Bonita – but we’ve also been working on some pretty exciting changes and enhancements to Kidology Coaching as over seven students have graduated in the past several months between both coaches and preparing for adding some new coaches. (If that interests you, let me know.)

If you have never considered a coaching relationship, you really should look into Kidology Coaching. It is incredibly unique.

There are a lot of programs out there that use the term “coaching” that actually provide good training in children’s ministry, but that aren’t truly coaching. They may provide good exposure to ideas and resources through videos, MP3’s, group calls and other training opportunities, but only Kidology Coaching provides a genuine coaching experience that is curriculum based, with a customized experience to your unique needs and with personal one on one calls, usually via video conferencing with Skype. With Kidology Coaching are getting a personal coach to walk with you and guide you towards personal growth both personally and professionally. There is nothing else like it being offered in the children’s ministry market today. And for the time invested in each student by our coaches, it is incredibly affordable. Our students can’t say enough about our coaches or the changes in they have seen in their lives and ministries as a result of our coaches pouring into them. Those who graduate are in a completely different place professionally and personally than when they began. They are transformed by the process.

If you are struggling in ministry, or feel stuck and are wanting to get to that next level – you need to look into Kidology Coaching. Coach Barney or Coach Todd will guide you step by step toward that place you want to be.

Visit to learn more or visit The Coach’s Corner and post a question and one of the coaches will answer and tell you more.

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