What to get your husband for Christmas

Ladies… if you really want to impress your husband for Christmas this year. Don’t get him a tie. Get him something, anything, from Scottevest.com

I’m serious. And no, I’m not getting paid for this blog post, and get no benefit from it. I’m honestly just doing all the ladies out there a HUGE favor.

Your man loves his gadgets. But he doesn’t want to look like a nerd or dork carrying them around. He loves his iPad, but he doesn’t know how to carry it around without looking like he is taking work with him. He doesn’t want to be one of those guys… You know the type, with the batman utility belt filled with gadgets (like the step dad in Night at the Museum)

And he’s not going to wear some STUPID tech belt like I saw on my last flight in Sky Mall Magazine:

Are you kidding me? RIGHT.

But with a Jacket, Trench Coat, Sport Coat, Vest, Hoodie, Shirt or even boxers from Scottevest – your huck of love will be able to hide his tech gear and look like a normal sharply dressed man you won’t be embarrassed to be seen with. (Until he pulls out that iPad in the middle of the movie* from that hidden pocket to check IMDB to see who that actor is.)

So make this the Christmas you score major points, and tell ’em @Kidologist sent you in the check out. (Just for fun)

And ladies, if you want to indulge yourselves, go for it!

For extra fun, try to find me in the 2012 catalog while it is still available.

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*You can’t pull an iPad out of the boxers, just FYI.

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