Times Flies When You Are Growing Up!

Just marveling how my “little boy” is growing up! I went back through my iPhoto and grabbed the first day of school pictures since Luke started pre-school and it’s fun to see him growing up:

Luke going to first day of preschool…


Luke going to first day of Pre-K:


Luke going to first day of Kindergarten:


Luke starting 1st grade this week:


On one hand – I am amazed at how BIG he is, it seems only yesterday I had my first Father’s Day with a little baby:

But on the other had, it hasn’t gone quickly. I know parents are always saying “the time flies” but it hasn’t seem to fly for me. I have been so enjoying each and every day and the unique aspects of Luke’s personality at each age, and what he can do, and what he is learning, that I feel like it’s been going at a pace that I’ve been truly enjoying.

I’m sure when I’m at his wedding, I’ll join the chorus of “how did it pass so quickly?” But for now, it’s going at a great pace. There are things I’m eager for him to be older and able to do with me, and there are things I miss about him being younger. So along the journey of fatherhood I am just enjoying each and every day and making time every day to enjoy him.

It is strange having him gone for a full day of school now. I miss having him ‘bugging me’ while I am trying to work. Those interruptions were something I cherished. So now I work hard to be free for the limited hours I have in the afternoon/evening to keep investing in our relationship. All I can do is every day, is focus on being his dad today, for as many today’s as I have.

Oh, the ADVENTURES that still lie ahead! I love being a DAD!


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