Visiting Awana HQ for the Inside Scoop

As a grown-up clubber, frequent blogger about Awana, and as the man who introduced Sport Stacking to Awana Game Time and a children’s pastor who has seen the impact of this ministry – I am always looking for opportunities to drop into the Awana HQ in Streamwood, Illinois.


Love Awana!


Michael Scarbrough

I’ve been hearing some exciting news coming out of Awana – and noticed their brand new website, so after speaking at camp for a week in Wisconsin, I headed down to Awana to sit down with Michael Scarbrough, who is the Director of Children’s Ministry at Awana to get the inside scoop on the relaunch of Awana going on right now!


I also snagged me an official Awana sport coat (off a freebie table) so that I can sport it at the next Awana Conference. I think this coat gives back-stage access or at least snacks in the employee room.


Sportin’ my new Awana threads

Forget GQ magazine, I think I could be on the cover of AHQ magazine!

  • Got a great Awana story?
  • Have questions about the club?
  • Want to share some feedback for Awana leadership?

Visit the podcast discussion forum and let’s talk Awana!


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