Creatively Reaching Kids, with Spinners!

karlspinnerWe must constantly be looking for new ways to reach kids. The best way to get new kids to come to church is to get the kids we have to invite their friends. We can challenge them constantly, but like us, kids need incentives.

So I decided to tap into the latest craze and create some excitement with spinners. You know, those silly spinning things that every kid is carrying around and driving adults nuts with.

I ordered some custom ones for my church and am launching the effort this Sunday with this video:

The idea is that kids who invite a friend who has never been to our church BOTH the guest and the friend who brought them will get one of these “exclusive, limited edition, available-nowhere-else custom Highpoint Kids Spinner!”

I’ll let you know how it goes! I’ve got several hundred to give away!

UPDATE: We’ve had over twenty visitors, here are a few pictures:


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