Join Me Online for the Coolest Preteen Onference!

456confI’m excited to be a part of the Online Conference in just a few weeks! Or, as 456 calls it, the Onference! (Get it? Online Conference = Onference!)

The line up is amazing! Several of my friends will be presenting: Heather Dunn, Patrick Snow, Ryan Frank, Johnny Rogers, Gregg Johnson, Yancy, Gordon West, Chip Henderson and more!

456confblurbIf you work with preteens, this is THE training event for you!

My workshop is called: Mutiny! The Preteens Have Taken Over Kids Church! It’s all about how to have preteens plan, prepare and pull off children’s church – so they are learning to lead for life now!

I hope you’ll register and join us!

P.S. You can learn more about 456 on their website.

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