My Blog Challenge to YOU!

dontreadWhat you’re reading? OK, I did warn you. But welcome!

So, I’ve been behind on blogging – and I feel just terrible about it. But unlike most bloggers where their blog is their primary platform for content, mine is – that where I have posted recently, from my complete Nerf War Plan to my own version of You’d Better Watch Out (Jesus is Coming to Town)!

So, as the New Year approaches, I am presented with, “What shall I write on my blog?” My Facebook Page has replaced personal updates and the Kidology Facebook Group is where I interact the most with our wonderful kidmin community. I could share my Drone Pics and Videos, but that doesn’t really fit the name of this blog. (I did just start a FB Group for those who want to follow those adventures)

I know that blogging is primary a writing platform, so I thought, what shall I write ABOUT. I’m currently already writing a book (more on that in the new year) but WHAT to write about on my blog? As a talker, trainer, writer – human with opinions – name any topic and I’ve got something to say. But it is often just CHOOSING the topic that is the road block to blogging.

So I got a crazy idea! What IF I chose a random word – and then wrote about it? And, when possible, connected it to children’s ministry? What if there was a website that would generate a

So I go there today for the first time, and the word is APPLICATION. Completely a kidmin word – and ironic because I’m trying to decide on the application of my blog for 2018. I’m laughing, because I’ve always been critical (nicely) of those who blog about what to blog – my response has been, “If you don’t have anything to say, just don’t. Rambling about having nothing to say is worse than saying nothing.” But, in my own defense, I’m not rambling about having nothing to say, I’m rambling about have lots to say, but looking for that “spark” – that creative nugget that I can build upon!

So, this blog post – which I DID warn you in the title not to read – is both a heads up, and AN INVITATION.

A heads up (warning) that I might try using a Random Word to Spark blog posts… and have fun with it!

An INVITATION that if you want to challenge me, you can text me, FB message me or email me a challenge:

“Blog on THIS word pal: YourWordHere”

and I might just take you up on it!

Did you know that STARTED as a website called “Stump the Kidologist?” Folks would e-mail me the names of objects and I would create an object lesson from it.The site just kept growing as I added new Zones.

This is kinda the same thing. Since I’m skeptical anyone has read this far… I dare you, send me a RANDOM word.

A few tips if you want me to actually use your word:

  • Words in English are preferred.
  • Words I can pronounce are preferred.
  • Words under 45 letters please. (Not pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis please!)
  • Words that I can actually talk about are helpful.
  • Nouns and Verbs and best, but hey, I’m up for a challenge.
  • Simple can be powerful, but unusual can be fun too.
  • Surprise me. I will give credit to the source of the word challenge.

OK, the challenge is out there. I won’t hold my breath.

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