CPC Honors Me but the REAL Honor Goes to…..

I was honored to be interviewed at #CPC18 during one of the general sessions last week. While this was an amazing honor, the bigger honor was the friends cheering me on from the front row. While I was being interviewed about what I’ve learned from 50 consecutive CPCs – from my Big Mistake at my first CPC to sharing some advice for the newbies – the greatest honor was not being on stage, it was seeing the joy my team and friends got seeing me up there. They knew, as I do, that they are Kidology as much as I am.

Kidology truly isn’t about me. It is the incredibly humble, loyal and dedicated friends who have made Kidology.org what it is for over two decades. It is the friends who care nothing for the spotlight, who have no aspiration to be on stage and need no public recognition because they serve the Body of Christ through Kidology.org behind the scenes with no thought for ‘what’s in it for me.” They genuinely enjoy the applause I received knowing that they share with me the joy of why we do what we do. While some are on my staff, there are many more who have quietly and with the same steadfast devotion served me and the countless kidmin leaders and volunteers who have turned to Kidology every day for over twenty years to be Equipped and Encouraged.

Several were there to enjoy the interview, but there are many more who share the credit for all that we have accomplished. While I enjoyed the acknowledgement that was kindly shown me by CPC, my heart was bursting with gratitude for the friends who have been with me through thick and thin and who I know will continue to help us serve others through this ministry God led me to start back during the dawn of the Internet.

Enjoy the interview, but know that I am keenly aware of how important my friends and staff are and what an incredible role they have played in allowing me to do what God called me to do. So to past, present and future friends, staff, board members and partners in ministry, please accept my deepest THANKS for all you have done for me and through Kidology to bless countless kidmin leaders and through them only God knows how many children!

Because Jesus Loves Children,

Pastor Karl Bastian

PS – Since I get asked often, for those curious how I was able to attend 50 consecutive CPC’s when neither I nor CPC are fifty years old, I attended 1 in 1994, 2 for the next 20 years of which 6 had three! The last three years had only 1. Yup, that’s a LOT of CPCs!

PPS – I’ve made SO many friends over the years. If you are one of them, there is a good chance you are in this video. I made a few years ago.

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