NEW YEAR – New Opportunity!

I love a New Year! And this time, we get a new Decade! While I see the point the New Year’s Resolution Nasayers are trying to make in poo-pooing making goals at the New Year, I personally think that’s a silly way of admitting failure before even beginning. To ridicule new years resolutions I think is a redemptive attack on failure. But one that assures failure rather than promotes success. To not play a game because you might lose is to miss out on the joy and excitement of the game. Didn’t our parents teach us that winning isn’t everything?

I set new goals every year. Do they last all year? Rarely. Does that make them a waste or pointless? Far from it! Even if they improve your life for the next three to six months, they are worth it.

And the good news? You don’t have to wait until next January 1st to make fresh ones. August 1st Resolutions are just as valuable, as are March 17th.

So don’t let the question of whether you’ll make it a year stop you from making goals for 2020. I’m sure you’ve heard it said,

“Aim at nothing and you are sure to hit it!”

So why aim at nothing? No need to be fancy about it. Just grab a 3×5 card, or open the notebook on your phone and jot down some thoughts for how you’d like 2020 to be better than 2019. If you do so, there is a far greater chance it will be!

If you really want to start the New Year right and would like some gentle acccountability and friendship to help spur those goals on, join my Thriving in Ministry Master Class. It is almost full, so sign up quickly! It might just be the ticket to seeing those resolutions last longer than they usually do!

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