Touring a Legacy

This week, my pastor took the staff from my church, Highpoint Church, on a field trip to visit every location of Highpoint Church since its founding in 1933.

First location in 1933

A few of the buildings no longer exist, but we stood where they once were and thanked God for the faithfulness of those who came before us and their vision for our city and their faithfulness to their calling.

Second location – 1937

The church made such an impact in it’s community, that the city of Aurora, Colorado gifted them the land for their second location. Imagine your city appreciating you so much that they give you land so your ministry can expand?

Third location – 1953

This building was purchased debt free as the ministry continued to grow.

This fellow was very suspicious of our group and watched us intently.

At the third location we watched a drug deal happen in the middle of the street as we gathered.

Fourth location – 1970

This is the location Highpoint was at the longest. Land was purchased and a new building was begun when the economy tanked, construction was halted and Highpoint had six weeks to vacate this building and became a mobile church for a refining season.

5th location – 2009 – Cherokee Trail High School

It was a journey through amazing stories of nearly 90 years of God’s miraculous provision through the years, many that were beyond challenging – but the Church prevailed through strong leadership and faithful disciples, not just pastors and staff – but all who served and gave sacrificially especially in tough times.

Current location – moved here in 2012

I feel honored to be a small part of such a rich legacy. Who will stand someday where we are serving today? May they thank God for OUR faithfulness even if they never know our names. Eternity will be impacted. Lives will be changed. So be faithful! And especially during the hard times – that’s when it matters most friends. Be faithful. It doesn’t end with you.

The best is yet to come.

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