Five Benefits of a Children’s Check-In System

Secure children’s check-in is about more than just attendance tracking. KidCheck delivers a full-featured, easy-to-use, and scalable check-in solution, helping you strengthen child safety, increase data accessibility, connect with families, and streamline your check-in/out process.

Child Safety

Child safety is vital and certain tracking and safety measures are necessary. You must have accurate records of children checking in and out, know who is picking up, verify they are authorized to do so, and be aware of allergy or medical concerns. Safety is the foundation upon which KidCheck is built. Children’s check-in also helps reduce liability providing a layer of protection for volunteers/staff.

  • Security Labels include matching security codes and unique watermark images printed on child badges and guardian receipts, and important allergy and medical warnings. A special icon is printed on a child’s label if an unauthorized guardian is listed on their account.
  • Electronic Guardian Receipts are available on any mobile device via the KidCheck App and contains no personal information, so no one can pick up a child who shouldn’t.
  • Authorized vs. Unauthorized options increase safety. An “unauthorized guardian” designation on an account helps reduce the chances of a child being released to someone they shouldn’t be.

First Impression/Perception

A strong first impression profoundly affects relationships with new and returning families. Families observe behaviors including consistency in how volunteers/staff follow existing processes and systems. Often the first impression can be a deciding factor in future choices, trustworthiness, and peace of mind.

A bad check-in experience can be a deal breaker. With secure children’s check-in, you confirm creating a safe environment is a top priority, you value involvement, and are willing to invest in the children’s area.

Going Mobile

Mobile solutions are not only appreciated but expected as they add flexibility and convenience. No waiting in line, no check-in station required, no intervention needed from your organization.

  • Express Check-In allows families to check-in using their mobile device. Parents can start check-in from home, in their car, or the parking lot; wherever there’s an internet or data connection. Child name badges and guardian receipts are prompted to print when they arrive at the facility.
  • Mobile Check-In Station adds a personal touch, shortens check-in lines, and quickly checks families in using a mobile device set up as the check-in station, or carried by a volunteer/staff.
  • Roster Check-In delivers faster, easier check-in and out. Quickly and easily check kids in based on roster lists you create without the need for parents to complete a traditional check-in.

Data Management

A key benefit of using electronic children’s check-in is the accessibility and customization of data. You need quick, easy access to better understand trends, speed up decision-making, and have information for ongoing operational analysis.

  • Reports KidCheck’s comprehensive reports library includes statistics, graphical charts, check-in logs, attendance, visitor, bulk mail capabilities, billing reports, medica/allergy reports, more.
  • Emergency Management with electronic check-in systems lets you know which children are in your facility and where they are located. Knowing where each and every child is, and ideally their parent’s location, allows you to more quickly and effectively enact emergency plans.
  • Check-In Surveys quickly and easily gather key information so you get the answers you need right at check-in. You can create and customize surveys or questionnaires for families to conveniently complete at the start of check-in; saving time and effort.


It’s important to communicate with families consistently and with clarity and purpose. KidCheck makes communication simple and incorporates multiple options right in the system.

  • Text Messaging can quickly let parents know about an issue or if an emergency arises. Guardians can also receive an automatic message when their child is checked in or out. This is especially helpful for youth or to alert a parent when a different authorized guardian drops off or picks up.
  • Broadcast Text and Email work well for messages that need to be shared or customized for a broader group of parents, volunteers/staff, or both. Perfect for emergencies, updates, change notifications, and classroom or schedule changes. You can filter by campus, template, or location. Plus, you can attach documents, infographics, medical release forms, etc.
  • Check-In Notes / Announcements because check-in is a great time for parents and staff to share information. Check-in notes allow parents to designate special instructions they want printed on a child’s name badge for that day, such as birthday, feeding schedule, additional medical or allergy info. Announcements are for staff to share information with parents on the check-in screen, either all families or specific individuals. Perfect for upcoming events, room changes, reminder to bring diapers, or simply a follow-up to welcome a new family back.

Getting Started

Beyond the myriad of benefits associated with a children’s check-in solution, you also need ongoing support and a partner in child safety. That’s why KidCheck provides complimentary support and training six days a week, including Sunday; quickly and efficiently connecting you with a live person ready to help. In addition, the KidCheck blog and downloadable safety resources are available with valuable child safety suggestions and information.

To learn more, get a free online product demonstration. It’s quick, informative, and a great way to see first-hand the benefits of check-in.

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