A Tribute to My Dad

Yes, it is FATHER’S DAY today… so what better reason to post some sentimental pictures of my dad – a DAD of DADS…


A great Nap Buddy…

Fisherman! (with me and big sister)

Handyman, and builder of his son’s first puppet stage!

A man of toys… here seen fighting over
a toy with the boy who one day would do Toybox Tales.

Man of the Sea… well, paddleboat anyway.

A man at one with his car…

A man a fashion… even matching his car!

A man comfortable in the kitchen…
(did I actually EAT that?!?!?)

A man one with nature…

Camper Extraordinaire…Athlete of Athletes!

A persistant man who never gives up
even in the face of disaster!

An avid swimmer…

Ping-Pong Champion…

A man of many awards…

But the greatest award: World’s Greatest Dad.Yes, I had a great dad growing up. Not a perfect dad, but I had something better… a REAL dad.

A dad who made time for me.
A dad who sometimes helped me and other times let me learn the hard way, and always seemed to know which would be the better teacher.
A dad who sometimes went before me, other times backed me up, but always was there for me whenever I needed him.
A dad who challenged me, complimented me, or critisized me (lovingly) whichever would help me be a better man someday.
A dad who admitted his own faults before pointing out mine.
A dad who put his wife and kids above his own needs and interests… even suggesting eating at McDonald’s (which he hated, but mom and kids loved).
A dad who sometimes bought me toys, but more often helped me build my own.
A dad who sometimes gave me what I needed, but other times helped me work and save to get it myself.
A dad who knew when to give advice, and when to wait until I asked, which I often did as a result.
A dad who would sometimes go fight a battle for me, and other times coach me on the best response, whether it was to fight back or respond with a gentle answer, depending on the situation.
A dad who not only told me how to live for God, but modeled it… not in perfection, but in ever striving, ever learning, ever being a disciple in process.
A dad who never pretended to have arrived, but instead was simply real. I could never imitate a perfect dad or live up to a perfect dads expectations… but a real dad? That’s something I can hope to be too, now that I am a father myself, this first Father’s Day as a dad.

So, for all the walks, talks, camping trips, lectures, vacations, discipline, bedtime stories, laughter and fun dad…. THANKS!

Here is the first Father’s Day video I made as a father for our worship service on Father’s Day 2006.

UPDATE: Now on YouTube:

OR Download Here: (click on image to load in browser, OR right-click and select “save files as” to download to your computer.)

Yes, that’s me and my dad in the boat, and my sister peeking over behind us.
(17MB, Reqires free QuickTime)

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Karl Bastian is the founder of Kidology.org, the creator of ToyboxTales.com, and the author of OrderoftheAncient.com. His personal website is Kidologist.com He is Big Kid with a passion for equipping and encouraging those who minister to children.

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  1. Karl,
    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your Dad. What a wonderful man, father and husband. God Bless Him. Jeannie

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