My First Father’s Day – My 13th Anniversary – And Baby Luke’s First….

HAPPY HAPPY WEEKEND (to me and sara)

YES! It was my FIRST Father’s Day as a DAD, and it was a wonderful day. Luke headed off to church with me early as usual to ‘help’ me with my morning set up duties and then we caught the first service so we could watch the video I made on the big screen! It was a very nice Sunday… glad to finally be in a part of “Club Dad.”

After church it was off to Sara’s parents home for a DELICIOUS steak lunch and visit with my other awesome Dad. Sara’s dad is truly a father to me in every way… except that I don’t have any embarrassing pictures of him from when I was a kid.

Luke is so blessed to have the heritage of a Grandpa who loves God and has given his life to serve Him. Who knows, maybe Luke will be a third generation preacher? But even if not, what a blessing to be adopted into a family where both sides know and love God. It can’t help but be a wonderful influence as he grows up!

This was a SUPER WEEKEND – my first Father’s Day on Sunday, and then Monday was my 13th Wedding Anniversary to my beautiful and sweet Sara. Nothing unlucky about this 13! I’m lucky to have Sara for a wife, and now Luke for a baby! We’ve hardly changed in 13 years, as these pictures prove:

Here is Me and Sara (and Luke) this year….

And here we are 13 years ago…

See, we are the same now as then!

Anyway, back to today. For our anniversary we headed to one of our favorite get-a-ways: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Our anniversary gifts this year were simple but fun. A portable hammock that converts to a backback for hangin’ out with The Boy for me, and….

A cool chair for Sara with a shade cover, that also folds into a backpack for carrying. (for the husband to carry, that is!) Here is Sara chillin’ to her iPod.

Today was also a first for Baby Luke – check out his coooool swim outfit! It was Luke’s first time to the beach and into the lake!


Cool Baby


Wet Baby


Grumpy Baby!

He wasn’t very thrilled with the water, but sometimes when it comes to new things, you just have to get your feeet wet! I told him he had just taken his first step into a larger world.

But a little play soon cheered him up! Like most babies, being held up high in the air is like a roller coaster ride. So fun to hear his squeals of delight!

But all the fun and excitement eventually wore him out and it was nap time…. and the Napster coxed him into Lala Land with ease.

I could go on and on gushing about being a dad and enjoying my first Father’s Day – but sometimes a picture says a thousand words… (and keeps blog readers happy not having to read so much!)

Luke Given… From Heaven.

And just for family (I assume) click the picture above for a wallpaper sized version of the happy new dad and his bundle of joy.

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  1. Karl, You are Sara look so happy. I love all the pictures and am so glad that you have precious baby Luke. Congrats on being a Daddy. I love the swimming pictures. When Sara told me you took him swimming I squealed. He sure looked cute in his little swimming stuff. :-) I also love the picture of you and Sara from 13 years ago. Great pose. That’s definitely what they looked like if anyone is wondering. I was there. I took the picture. Anyway, glad you had a wonderful Father’s Day and Anniversary. Congratulations. Keith and I are 12 years on Saturday. It was your wedding that gave Keith the itch to get married. Thanks.

    Love you both,

  2. Funny to see you at Lake Geneva, I was there two days ago. It’s about 20 mins from my house, so I’m there a lot. Anyway, Congrats! Glad to see you so happy.

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