Gimmie a "U" !! Gimmie a "W" !! What’s that spell?

UPDATE: Bad Link to photo gallery corrected!

Gimmie a “U” !! Gimmie a “W” !! What’s that spell?

Uncharted Waters is the Sports Camp Ministry we have used for the past two years to reach out to the kids in our church and community. (see last year)

We had 50 kids come divided between basketball…

and cheerleading. GO! GO! GO!

We had at least six kids make a decision to give their lives to Jesus and GO FOR THE GOLD that will last for all eternity!

The secret to the success of these sports camps is NOT me… I could never lead a sports camp (unless it was sport stacking!) What I love about the ministry of UW is that they do most of the work for us.

Here is the UW Team: Coaches Josh, Catie, Lindsay and Lisa!

Of course, a lot of work was also done and thanks are due to our Sports Camp director, Cherie and a bunch of volunteers.

Anna Maria, Barb and Cherie (not pictured: many more!)

What did I do all week?

Worked on my six foot unicycle shooting…. (still needs much work)

And my “Air Karl” moves!Were you there?

(16.8MB Requires QuickTime)

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  1. Tricia had a blast. Thanks for bringing ministries to church like this one. She looks forward to next year and really, really loved her coaches. Thanks.


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