Midwest Teaching & Discipleship Convention NEXT MONTH!

If you live within driving distance of Chicago, mark your calendars for March 27-29, 2008 for a very affordable day of training and encouragement in West suburbs of Chicago. Great exhibitors (including Kidology!), great fellowship, and great training!


Hosted by GCSSA (Greater Chicago Sunday School Association) this is an excellent training event that I’ve been privileged to be a part of many times over the years. It’s been a few years, but next month not only will I once again be doing some workshops and exhibiting, but they are adding a Kidology Pre-Conference!


Here are the workshops I will be presenting: (NOTE: Thursday requires a pre-conference registration)


HELP! I’m in Charge of the Children’s Ministry – PART 1
This workshop is for those brand new to leadership in children’s ministry, or those who may need to ‘start over’ more strategically. Learn the ABC’s of children’s ministry leadership. Get your bases in order! Leave with a practical step by step strategy for building a ministry that can stand the test of time!

HELP! I’m in Charge of the Children’s Ministry – PART 2
Continue exploring the basics of children’s ministry leadership. This is an eye-opening workshop that often revitalizes leader’s approaches to ministry and transformed stressed up worn out leaders into refreshed and encouraged leaders who end up healthier not just more effective.

Christian Kids or Disciples of Jesus?
What is the difference between teaching kids the bible and training kids to be fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ? Our classes are filled with bible-smart kids, but our youth groups are filled with teens who aren’t living for Christ. Where did we go wrong? How can we do a better job? The answer lies in a strategy to make disciples, not merely teach the Bible.

Partnering with Parents!
Most children’s pastors when asked ‘Do you partner with parents’ answer with “I try…” Partnering with parents is the most difficult part of children’s ministry. The responsibility of spiritual nurturing belongs to parents, but the church is caught between needing to do it and taking it over. This workshop will provide insightful ideas for how you CAN genuinely ‘partner with parents’ and be able to answer, “YES! I DO!”

FRIDAY, March 28th

Kidology 101: Effective Relational Ministry to Kids
Kidology is the study of kids and their world. To be an effective minister to today’s children, one must learn to do it from within the context of their culture. A working knowledge of a kid’s world is an inroad to their heart. Learn how to relate to kids and keep up with their ever-changing culture.

Making Your Class Rock!

“You Rock!” is one of the highest compliments a child can give a teacher. What makes some classrooms more fun than others? Why are some teachers remembered into adulthood when most are quickly forgotten? What can set YOUR class apart from all the rest? While at the same time, have a greater life impact? Rock your class and rock a kid’s world!

SATURDAY, March 29th

Teaching Lessons That Last
What makes a lesson memorable? Learn how kids minds and memories work – and how you can teach lessons that last not only through the week, but into their adult life and genuinely impact eternity! Kids love to learn – but they learn best through experience! Create lessons that impact kids beyond just the brain. Get them excited about their faith and walk with God.

The Object Lesson Explosion
This is a fun, interact, objects-in-hand, hands-on workshop. Give or mention ANY object to the Kidologist, and he will instantly create a biblical object lesson from that object – and then show you how to do it too!

Making Your Discipline Problems Disappear!
Learn how to PREVENT discipline problems, how to deal with them effectively when they arise, with a special focus on what is going on in the minds and hearts of children when they misbehave so that you can better understand how to respond and mold them.

I hope I will get to see you there!


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  1. WOW! That’s close! wish I knew sooner. I go to school about 5 mins from there, but that Saturday is our community egg hunt!!

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