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My life online is changing. I used to blog a lot more than I do now. I love my blog and I do have people bug me to “blog more” – but the reality I connect in other ways, and I do have this other little site where over 20,000 people come each and every day, so when I am starring at my laptop wondering what to blog about, there is a part of me that says, “why blog? you don’t need a blog.” But my blog gives me an outlet for posts that don’t quite fit on Kidology – either they are CM related or are more personal. So in the spirit of both blogging, and why it is harder to blog lately, I’ll reflect on:


#1 My iPhone has changed online life for me! Dramatically. I do Facebook and Twitter almost exclusively from my iPhone. Seriously, when I’m at my computer, I have WORK to do! I can even do WordPress blogging from my iPhone, but haven’t found the practical need to do som, maybe I should try that more – for personal outings. I really want to blog more – I need to figure out how to do this, whichout it becoming a duty or obligation.

First, some thoughts on FACEBOOK and TWITTER and WHY I BROKE THE LINK BETWEEN THE TWO. I probably just lost half my audience! But the rest, have been asking.


FBiphoneSince I started on Facebook, I had my “Tweets” (Twitter status updates) automatically update my Facebook status. Why? Because I was first and foremost a Twitter user and Facebook was an afterthought – it was something for college kids, right? But I had an account because underneath this aging  body, I’m still that young Moody student, right? Times are changing, Facebook is now made up of MORE OVER 35 PEOPLE than college kids (much to their frustration!) and becoming the #1 networking site in the world. (could ultimately be a blog killer) I ended up slowing down my Twitter use because I didn’t want to be overwhelming my Facebook status with every little Twitter update – which tend to me more trivial and more links; news feeds, marketing, and twitter conversation. Now, thanks to Selective Twitter Status (a Facebook Ap) by ending my Tweets in #fb I can selectively decide which Tweets end up as my Facebook status and only change my FB status 1-3 times a day, where as I may tweet 10-20 times a day.

I AVOID FACEBOOK on the computer because I rather hate it. Please don’t invite me to groups and causes I ignore them all, and please don’t take it personally. If you invite me to be a Fan of starving children on the moon and I ignore it, it isn’t because I don’t care about starving children on the moon, it is that being a fan of them won’t feed them, it will give me more email and things to click every day. They get fed by people feeding them, and if you are feeding them, GOD BLESS YOU, I too am devoting to giving to and supporting charities and have founded one myself.

Facebook is for networking with people – and I use it exclusively for that – and I LOVE THE iPHONE APP because that is ALL IT DOES. No groups, no causes, no games, no snowballs, no pokes, none of the stupid Facebook stuff, just Friends, Status, and Messages. Ahhhh, the good stuff. I love my friends and family, all of them! (Even the ones I have no idea who they are!)

Be my friend at:


Twitter_logoNow that I have freed my Twitter from the question, “Do I really want this on my Facebook page too?” I feel liberated again! I can tweet anything at any time, and the fun has returned! When I see something that makes me laugh, snap a pic, and tweet it. When I’m irritated, rant to the world. If a company gives bad services, finally there is  consequence, with instant feedback to the world, interaction with friends and family, checking in on others, twitter is just fun and fills idle moments. Yes, there are times to just turn off the iPhone and enjoy your family or a quiet moment, and I do, no worries. But when you are fueling the car, or stuck by the train, the only option you had in the past was the radio. Twitter puts my in charge of my loose time. (I don’t like calling it ‘free’ time, because often it isn’t ‘free’ it’s costly, but it I’m not able to spend it the way I’d prefer to!) Follow me at

new_thumb1And in case you are the last to finally hear about it, we finally got the ALL NEW launched, and besides the personal excitement over it, I am loving the new dynamically loaded home page so I am CONSTANTLY checking the home page for what is the latest discussions in the forum and jumping to chime in. My personal interaction in the forum has probably soared – which is probably a good thing since I’m the creator of the website!

I also have a new “From the Kidologist” spot on the home page (also posts and archives here on my blog) that I’ve enjoyed updating) that gives me an opportunity to talk directly to the visitors to, granted, IF they scroll down on the home page. I put my spot “below the fold” intentionally as I’m not the most important thing, but I am glad to have a place on the home page so that it’s a little more prominent.

You know, we DO have a free membership now! Join at:


I leave shopping online to my wife! She is the expert there. But I do find to be a huge time saver! When I do need to find something fast and still want to save!

That me online!

So that’s how I spend my time online now – (not counting e-mail) – networking on Facebook and Twitter and contributing to How do you spend your time online?

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  1. I do the same but i also use Google Reader to keep up with my Blog reading. Hopefully someday i will be able to switch from my current iPhone to the new 3Gs and then will use more video stuff lke 12seconds and all.
    .-= Todd McKeever´s last blog ..Leaders must be talent scouts =-.

  2. I resonate with a lot of what you are saying. I have only one group on FB and that is strictly for parents in my church. I don’t bother others with it. Also, I dropped twitter about one month ago and don’t miss it at all. It basically was identical to a lot of stuff I was seeing on FB from my CM friends because they had the two linked. I think it has potential value, but I am working on simplifying my life and twitter fell victim to my ruthless ax. I don’t have a handheld data device like Iphone or Blackberry. I wouldn’t use it much even if I did, since most of the time I am wrestling carpet or hard surfaces, and I would probably break it. :)

    As for invites to stuff from others on FB, I have quickly learned to be more selective. I don’t accept any apps invites to games and quizzes. Also, I ignore the feeds from apps use by others. I think people give out way too much information, and many of the results of the FB quizzes are not stuff I want to put in my memory.

    Quite honestly, I don’t like Facebook from an application or business standpoint. As an application, it is intrusive and annoying. As a business, well, refer back to my first point. :D Yet, I keep it for now because it does provide a common platform which links me to people I haven’t seen in years, and I do appreciate that opportunity.
    .-= Glen Woods´s last blog ..This just in: Mother caught in the act of (gulp) parenting. =-.

  3. Glenn, I have seriously considered dropping Twitter… I admit some addiction and hating to see my seriously high post count going stale… a dumb reason I know… but… and there are those other reasons… but it is tempting at times… I may take a month off of it out of principle at some point, and then see if I come back, that would be a good test!

  4. I am also annoyed with all of the games on FB. Who has time to spend on such thing? I sure don’t.

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