Get a Cue! (and other recommended Apps)

If you are looking for a simple and kinda cool way to get an overview of your day – and doing some planning for the year, I just stumbled upon a cool new App you might enjoy. It is called Cue, and it links you calendar, contacts, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or whatever accounts you might want to link into a single simple view of your appointments and events for the day. It’s a pretty slim and sleek way to see what’s important for the day. Also discovered, is a free Office App called CloudOn – integrates with DropBox. Looks very powerful and helpful. Worth a look! If you have found some great new apps for 2013, let me know in comments below! My favorite GAME is Air Wings! If you are in Game Center, my username is Kidologist, friend me, and I’ll blow you out of the sky! I look forward to playing you, or hearing what awesome apps you plan to use to help you be more productive or successful in 2013!

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Day 23 – Thankful for Flight

This is part of a series called 24 Days of Thankfulness. These posts are in RANDOM order, NOT priority order. Each is something I am thankful for leading up to Thanksgiving. DAY #23: Flight A few days ago a friend of mine tweeted, You don’t feel thankful for the things you feel you are entitled to. Where have you lost your thankfulness? While my initial reaction was a little defensive, “I don’t feel ‘entitled’ to anything,” I decided it was a question worthy of reflection.Especially the final question: Where have I lost my thankfulness? Or asked differently, “What do we take for granted?” I’m not sure I take it for granted, but one thing I AM thankful for, and MARVEL at every time I get the opportunity to take advantage of it – is FLIGHT. I think it is something our society takes for granted, since it’s existed now for almost one hundred years as a mode of transportation. I have never outgrown my boyish fascination with flight. I have flown many times and still request the window seat, until recently, now that I have a boy who wants it, but unless Luke is with me and has claimed it,…

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It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s a Model Airplane!

Saturday the family headed to the Pikes Peak Radio Control Club’s “Warbird’s Over Pike’s Peak’s Air Show”, and it was incredible! (Don’t miss HIGHLIGHT VIDEO at end of this post!) NOTE: Click on any image to see larger in a new window. For Luke, it was a real treat! He brought a box of toy airplanes and enjoying playing with his planes while watching grown men play with their toys. As the saying goes… The difference between the men and the boys, is just the price of their toys! It was hard to believe these things were not real! Especially when the jets went straight up into the air spinning until they were a speck in the sky! They even SOUNDED like real jets… well, actually, there WERE real jets… just smaller and without a real person inside! They literally flew up to the clouds! I had to use a telephoto lens to keep up with them! Luke enjoyed chillin’ out on Daddy’s hammock, which I got for Father’s Day way back when he was just a baby… (remember?) Everyone had their cameras out trying to capture these birds in the coolest pics possible – the pics in this post…

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