Bible Dude Prince Dastan?

I’m always on the look out for ministry tools in the most unusal of places… as I explain in the Kids Church Cookbook, you can’t wait until you NEED a ministry tool to looking for it, you must already have it when you think, “I wish I had a… oh! I do!” Because you are a collector of odd ball #kidmin things!

Well, on vacation I went to an antique outlet mall and saw this action figure from the semi-recent Disney release Prince of Persia (which was a pretty cool movie, by the way, if you didn’t see it.)

Now, if you’ve been a fan of you know I’m a collector of action figures and have a wall of them labeled by their usefulness in teaching videos. (The site now features Object Talks on the home page, the videos featured in DiscipleTown, the kids church curriculum I write, so search the archives for nearly 100 videos with action figures!)

I picked up this dude because I think he looks like he could be a Bible Character!

MY QUESTION TO YOU: Which Bible Character do YOU think Prince Dastan could play in a ToyBox Tale? And why? Who does he look like, biblically speaking?

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  1. He could be Peter, particularly when Peter took up his sword and cut off the Roman soldiers ear. :)

  2. I can’t handle it, are you just teasing us of the possibility of more TBT’s coming soon? Oh please share.

  3. My first thougth was Joshua — a mighty and courageous warrior.

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