Disney Models Making the Most of a Bad Situation

I just got home from a week at Walt Disney World after CPC Orlando. I was lucky enough to be at Magic Kingdom the same day as the President of the United States! (or was I?) When we entered the main gates we discovered that Main Street was closed to normal low class citizens such as myself and my family:

A nice wall said, “You are not important enough to get to see Main Street today.” (See the metal detector door?)

Secret Service agents and other White House personnel roamed around where we were unable to go. So how were we to get to the rides? We had to enter through a side gate and go around the ugly backstage of Main Street… not the best of circumstances… right?

But leave it to Disney to make a bad situation into something fun and unique!

Too bad a camera doesn’t capture sound (Apple, are you working on that?) There was lively music playing, employees with Micky gloves on waving us through, giant flags and floats from the parades to see.

Disney took what could have been a very negative situation and made it into something fun and festive!

They even set up some photo opportunities along the way:

Luke posed in front of a Treasure Float that was very shiny and glittery and…

I posed in front of a Giant Crocodile!

By just putting a little creativity and energy into it, they turned a boring walk through the backstage into a fun detour. Later, Main Street was open again, but we felt like we got to see some things that most visitors to Magic Kingdom don’t get to see… so it was special instead of a bummer.

(And we got to see President Obama later from the People Mover posing with the Royal Family in front of the Disney Castle, which was kinda cool!)

When things go bad in ministry, instead of considering it a negative – instead, think of it as an opportunity to be creative! People will end up thinking it was a special Sunday instead of a bummer if you just put a little time and creativity into creating an environment and experience that is unique.

BONUS: One of my pictures was Featured on MagicalTrash.com

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  1. Very good point and great attitude!

  2. Thanks! Appreciate the feedback!

  3. Nice to see a little something different. A small price to pay for our Presidents security.

  4. I agree – something I explained to my little boy.

  5. Like the way you took the Disney experience and made it a “point” for Kid min folks.

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