A Kids Krew Can Shape Life Direction

I recently got a wonderful e-mail from a Kidology member a friend that illustrates not only the incredible power of equipping kids to service on younger children, but it’s potential to impact the direction of a young people’s future!

Dear Karl,

After our service today a fifth grade girl asked who came up with the idea of KIDS Krew.  I told her about the CPC in San Diego where Pam Dunnevant and I met you, learned about KIDS Krew, then came home and implemented it.  She told me to tell you thanks, then proceeded to tell me how the Krew was shaping her life.  This young girl has started and will be finishing the year as a “special friend.”  We have a down syndrome child and assigned her (along with another) to sit with him.  She kept signing up for that job and has gone above and beyond talking to his parents and finding out his needs.  She now believes that this has made her want to study Special Education.  She wanted you to know this.  She said, “My life has been changed by KIDS Krew.”

Just wanted you to be encouraged by the one who came back to say thanks!

Nancy Keith

I’ve taught countless workshops over the years at the Children’s Pastors Conference and other events, but my ‘KC Krew Workshop’ is the one that consistently over the years I hear most often, even over a decade later at times, I hear has made the most significant impact on leader’s ministries and on their kids.

If you want to learn more about how I have used KIDS to completely run my children’s church services, you need to get The Kid’s Church Cookbook, Part 6: The Kitchen Krew, which goes into great detail about how I’ve done this for decades – with pictures, forms and explanations & tips!

BREAKING NEWS: Just got word this morning, after posting this, that I’ll be teaching my KC Krew Workshop CPC 2013 in Orlando in February!

Mutiny! The Kids Are Running Kids Church!
Karl Bastian

Karl began his children’s ministry “career” at the
age of ten, when he  received his Call to kids
ministry and his mom responded with “you start
next Wednesday” in their church’s kids club,
“why wait until you grow up?” And he’s been
training kids to do ministry and having them
practically run his children’s ministry ever
since! Learn how to  recruit, train, and lead
a “K.C. Kew” of kids who can BE the Church of
Today and help you lead your ministry with Zeal!

Train kids to serve, and you change their life!

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