No More “Tannerization” at Kidology

Steve Tanner and Karl Bastian

Steve Tanner and Karl Bastian

After over ten years as the self-described “Swiss Army Knife” of Kidology, Steve Tanner has accepted a new challenge and will be moving on from our ministry. What is “Tannerization?” Whenever something has passed through Steve’s hands, we have long called it “Tannerized” to describe the quality control and excellence that Steve has brought to our team. While we are sad to see him go – we celebrate all that he has brought to this ministry, and are excited for what God has for him next. Steve will remain a friend of everyone at Kidology!

What's next Steve and Karl wonder?

What’s next Steve and Karl wonder?

What will the future hold for Kidology in a post-Steve era? Only God knows! But while we scramble a bit to re-organize and search for what’s next, interview potential new staff and make sure everything is up and running before he leaves… we are reflecting on how thankful we are for God bringing Steve to Kidology and what a great job he did!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThere was never a dull moment with Steve around – his knowledge of all things technical, Disney, Marvel, and just about everything else made working with him always interesting and entertaining. If you really want to know all he did, you might even enjoy watching when Kermit the Frog interviewed him a few years ago:

I wouldn’t have ever chosen to lose this guy, but since I trust in God’s Sovereignty, I release Steve with my friendship and blessing – and look forward to our friendship continuing and am “praying with thanksgiving” about what and who will be a part of TEAM KIDOLOGY in the near future! Yes, we are looking for a new Director of Operations. I’m sure the next person will be as unique and will have their own skills and style that will help shape the next era of Kidology. If you are interested or know of anyone who is, you may contact me directly.

image_kiduchicago2006_15Please join me in praying for Steve and his family as they adjust to a new job and for Kidology as we adjust to a post-Steve Kidology. As one of my good kidmin friends has on their office wall, “It’s All Good!”

You can express your thanks and well wishes to Steve and his family in the thread below on Kidology. It’s a very friendly send off, so please DO thank him for all he has done for Kidology over the past eleven years! It will mean a lot to him and me as well.

In the Kidology Forums: Thank You Steve Tanner

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