Steve Jobs Created the iPad for Kidmin!

jobskidceckSince everyone and their brother is jumping on the “what Steve Jobs would say” band wagon, I’m going to jump on too and suggest that Steve Jobs would be delighted that his invention of the iPad has just made kids safer at church!

Now, I know he wasn’t a big fan of things religious, but I think even he would be pleased to know that because of KidCheck‘s new iPad App the following are true:

  • Checking in kids securely at church is faster and easier! (and more relational)
  • Parents can enroll their children with ease on their own iPads!
  • Parents can instantly add or remove approved guardians with KidCheck acocunts right from their own iPads.
  • Leaders can check if someone picking up a child is approved quickly and easily if they have a licensed iPad approved by the leadership.
  • Medical information can be attained quickly and easily in an emergency by an approved leader instantly by scanning a child’s name tag using the camera on an iPad right from within the new KidCheck App!
  • Parents can use an iPad at a station at church to check their children in or be greeted by a friendly staff member at church who can check them in – no more clunky impersonal and confusing giant computers that put off new visitors.

If Steve Jobs were alive today, I can see him demonstrating KidCheck at one of his large events just to show how his invention is changing lives, keeping kids safe, and making life easier for children’s pastors. Can’t you?

To learn more about KidCheck’s new iPad App visit any of the following links, and remember, Premium Members SAVE on KidCheck’s awesome services!

BONUS: Enjoy my latest podcast where I describe the app in more detail, PLUS many more Kidmin Apps: iMinistry: Kidmin Apps

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