It Just Stacks Up!

If you are a regular reader on, you know my passion for relational ministry, a term I started using over twenty years ago before it was hip. (Download my free book on the topic.)

Jesus did a lot of teaching – but first he formed relationships with those He wanted to reach. It is no different in children’s ministry. When we play with kids we create a relationship, and out of that relationship we can have a huge impact!

One of the BEST tools I have discovered for connecting with kids is with Speed Stacks. I helped introduce sport stacking to the world of kids ministry years ago when I discovered what a magnet it was for drawing and engaging kids. As I promoted it on Kidology, Speed Stacks credited me with expanding the growing sport from schools to churches across the country. I even headed up the effort to introduce sport stacking as an official Awana Game. (See I even got to be their spokeman!

SS_chapelracin4Kids LOVE sport stacking with Speed Stacks! It is fun, easy to learn, and is probably the best sport when it comes to allowing kids of all athletic ability compete equally. SS_stacker1_smRegardless of age, sport stacking is a ton of fun. I use them in ministry as a game – but also as a way to connect with kids.

You’ve heard it sung about Jesus, “He walked with me and He talked with me,” well, in kidmin its powerful when a kid can say, “He stacked with me!”

The ministry that stacks together, impacts together!

Stacking with kids builds relationships and allows us to play with our kids and invest in our friendships with them. SS_branden_stack1Let me encourage you to introduce your kids to sport stacking!

As a mom just wrote to me this week, “Thanks for igniting the speed stacking fire in The Rock kiddos – super fun!” – Sheri

Order on to save and support our non-profit. You and your kids will love stacking!

I just got to introduce the kids at my new church to Sport Stacking this week as we participated in The Great Stack Up, helping to break a world record! I encourage you to join the event next year! Here is a highlight video:

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