What is your WOW factor?

I dropped by a church this week just to see a friend and drop something off. As is my habit, I took a peek in the kids area and saw these GIANT board games on the wall!

I couldn’t help saying, “Wow” out loud and imaging the impact these have on kids on Sunday, especially guests visiting for the first time.

They say we love kids! We value kids! We welcome kids!

Before you simply react, “How do I get those? Can you buy them? Are there plans?” Ask yourself, “What can we do wow kids? To show parents they are loved, valued and welcome?”

Sure, you can copy this idea, but you just might come up with something even better! It all starts with wanting to do something that is extra special, extra cool, and that will make your kids say “Wow!” on Sunday.

At the church we are currently attending and serving it, their wow factor for my son started with an ice cream truck outside as we arrived our first Sunday, followed by donuts inside, of course, but then the kicker… Not one, but TWO jumpy houses in the children’s area. And this is a mobile church, so that takes extra effort. But its worth it, we’ve been back every Sunday since!

If you have a Wow Factor, what is it? If you don’t have one yet, what is the first crazy idea that comes to mind? Great ideas come to those who are willing to IMAGINE before they even consider the limits of space, time, resources or personnel.

If God is in an idea, he can easily take care of any obstacle!

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