My Magic Video Goes Viral

I just noticed that one of my YouTube videos has passed 200,000 views. O.K., so maybe that isn’t viral, but I think it’s pretty cool – especially since the Gospel is shared.

The comments are always interesting once your video gets “out there” –

  • “Jesus freaks are everywhere… even in magic…”
  • “are you a engel from heven to teel good storie about god”
  • “Karl nice job but I think that the show was to preachy and to related to god other than that great magic show “
  • “I am a Christian and I am a magician. Thank you for this show. I realized that showing tricks can talk about Christ. And it will be understood by children. God bless you.”
  • “You need a kid fence on the edge of the stage or something!”

ENJOY! (and feel free to share it!)

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  1. That’s amazing Karl! CONGRATS!

  2. Yeah! And I knew you way back from your 50’s McDonald’s, quarter tricks in the quad days lol…

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