Are You a VIP? Very Intentional Parent?

This is a recruiting e-mail I wrote for the parents of my church. I made it more generic for posting here – obviously it had more specific info about our ministry needs, but posting here for others to use/edit/modify. If used, credit can simply be Karl Bastian/

Are You a V.I.P.?

Children’s Ministry is serious business. Don’t let the fun and games you see at church fool you – we are doing a serious job. It’s no secret our culture is attacking our kids. Sin is being normalized – even celebrated while morality is mocked. Let me be blunt. This is spiritual warfare. Yes, we strive to make church fun – because we want kids to learn in an age-appropriate environment and enjoy learning about God and His Word. We want church to be a Christ-centered oasis in a world that has not only rejected Christ, but is out to eliminate His influence on our children.

Here is the hard reality: We get only an hour or two a week at church to combat the barrage of ungodly messages kids are being exposed to every week.

That’s why we need VIPs – Very Intentional Parents – whose eyes are wide open to the importance of what we do at church. We also must have Very Involved Parents if we are to push back the lies the world is trying to advance into the hearts and minds of our kids.

Can I be even more blunt? We are struggling in the battle. We don’t have enough parents helping in the children’s ministry. We need every parent involved. We have troops on the sidelines while a small battalion is fighting for their kids.

This is serious. I’m not asking for help with child care – I’m asking for parents to be a part of the battle for the hearts and minds of our kids. Are you a part of the solution?

It’s fun. It’s easy. But it’s deadly serious. You do not need to be a teacher. You just need to be willing to help. No matter the role: check-in, greeter, security, small group leader, helper, teacher… each is critical to the battle.

Are you ready to step up and be a V.I.P.?

We need more Very Intentional Parents.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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