FREE eBook: It’s About Relationships

NOTE: This is not a book of fluff, it is practical and will help you grow relationships.

There is no shortage of programs, resources, or ideas in children’s ministry today—but at the end of the day, what is most effective in reaching kids for the Gospel hasn’t changed in a hundred years—it’s building relationships and personally introducing children to the Savior. This ebook is loaded with practical ideas on how to have a more relational ministry. You’ll be surprised by the results!

The most incredible aspect of Creation was that God walked in the garden with the crown of His creation. They had a relationship with God that sin severed, ending a fellowship we can only imagine. For centuries, that relationship became one of distance and of fearful respect until Jesus came to walk, talk and relate with man. He came to live in relationship with mankind.

He didn’t just die on the cross to offer salvation. He invites His beloved creation back into an intimate relationship with Himself and to genuine fellowship with each other. That is why the secret to effective ministry that has long term results can be summed up in one word: relationships.

All that has changed in recent years is our means of relating to each other. At one time, we walked to each others’ homes, rode horses, drove cars, and used rotary phones. Now, we text and use electronic social networks on devices that can span the globe in seconds. Who knows what might be next! What matters most, though, will never change! It is relationships.

God created us for relationship and it is through relationships that the most genuine and effective ministry is done. Are you ready to increase the relational impact of your children’s ministry?

If so, download this FREE eBook on Kidology! 

Table of Contents:

  • It’s about Relationships
  • Shepherd or Sheep-Herder?
  • First Things First
  • You Don’t Have a Recruiting Problem; You Have a Relationship Problem
  • Four Tips for Connection with Kids
  • How to Make Kids Feel Special and Loved
  • My Relational Heroes! 
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