Touchless Checkin?

Yes! It is now possible to have completely TOUCHLESS Check-in in your ministry!


Everyone has a smart phone, right? Well, now parents can use that smart phone to start the check-in process right on their phone, and they don’t even have to be inside the church building – no lines necessary. They can begin the process from their car!

Imagine parents out in the parking lot starting the check-in process on their phone, and when they get in to the children’s ministry having their security stickers print once they are close to the printers.

Sound too good to be true? Not when you have KidCheck!

KidCheck, the leading church check-in system in America now offers completely TOUCHLESS check-in.

In today’s world, parents are looking for safe environments. When they see the KidCheck logo, they know you care about safety and security. It’s a name that is known and respected!

Want to learn more about Touchless Check-in? Reach out to KidCheck today and ask for a free tour of their software and discover many more amazing features and benefits that you, your team, and your parents will love.

VISIT today for an EXCLUSIVE Discount!

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