The Ultimate Jesus Action Figure

The Ultimate Jesus Action Figure!
A friend of mine made this, Cristopher Osorino, and sent me pictures.
Y’all know I created and have DVD’s of Bible Stories told with action figures and newer ones on – but this was just so amazing.
Here is his Here’s is hia “recipe” if anyone is willing to make me one: (Note the wounds on his hands and feet.)
From Hasbro Marvel Legends:
– Namor the Sub-Mariner (body)
– Malekith (hair)
From DC Multiverse
– White Knight Azrael
And the tunic he has I got from some old McFarlane figure from spawn or something.
The fore there is from a power Rangers Sphinx but that’s just like, extra, not really necessary. The white night comes with a good flame already I just liked this one more.
If someone wants to make this, I’ll pay for it!
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