100 Ways to Show Your Kids LOVE!

Here are 100 EASY (and FUN) ways to show your kids you LOVE them!


1. Say “I love you” often.

2. Say “I like you” as well. (Like is optional!)

3. Pay attention to them when they are talking to you.

4. Sit with them and read stories together.

5. Ask what the best part of their day has been.

6. Sing worship songs with them.

7. Play along with them, whether it is blocks, coloring or video games.

8. Read a Bible Story together.

9. Tell them that you love them no matter what.

10. If you are wrong, say you are sorry.

11. Play in the rain and splash in the puddles together.

12. Never compare them to other children. Assure them that they are the best “them” there is and ever will be.

13. Make paper airplanes together. Have fun measuring distance and time flight duration!

14. Wrestle and roll on the floor with them.

15. Laugh and giggle about silly things with them.

16. Each time you greet your child, touch them. It communicates warmth and love.

17. Tell your child each day that you are so thankful to have them.

18. Go into detail about what you love about your child. Focus on what makes them different and unique.

19. Laugh with your child.

20. Brag about your child to others when your child can hear.

21. Never allow your child to hear you say something negative about them.

22. Put little notes in their lunch box or hide in their room.

23. Meet their friends and get to know them.

24. Spend a few moments cuddling with them when they first wake up. Older kids, rub their back.

25. Make their favorite meal and let them know you made it because you know it is their favorite.

26. Allow them to help pick out and shop for a special surprise for the other parent.

27. Hang up their artwork they give you. In your office at work too!

28. Place a sticker on your child’s shirt and tell them that when they see it throughout the day to remember you love them.

29. Always take your kids phone calls, whether you are at the store, work or wherever.

30. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

31. Make it a priority to go to every performance or game that you child is a part of.

32. Be your child’s biggest fan, even if they make a mistake.

33. Focus on your child’s strengths and try to refrain from bringing up the weaknesses.

34. Give your child compliments in from of their friends.

35. Be courteous and kind to your children.

36. Volunteer at church where your kids attend.

37. Do family devotions at dinner time. (Table Talkers)

38. Believe in your child’s dreams and goals.

39. Teach your child the importance of car safety and ensure they always see you following the rules.

40. Bring your child with you to work.

41. Ask your child’s opinion and ask them why they feel that way or would choose that answer.

42. Subscribe to a magazine your child will enjoy in their name.

43. Allow your child to help you cook dinner.

44. Go talk to the school if you are not happy with your child’s teacher or feel they are not

getting the help that they need.

45. Take them to a movie they want to see.

46. Help them clean their room. Get some new decorations.

47. Go for a walk together and let them lead a conversation.

48. Frame a picture of the two of you together and place it in your room or office.

49. Play a board game with them.

50. Make them a card and send it in the mail to them.

51. Build a fort together.

52. Allow them to stay up late and watch a movie together.

53. Let them plan a meal – and it doesn’t have to be healthy!

54. Have their favorite treat ready for them when they get home from school.

55. Stop what you are doing and greet them when they walk in the room.

56. Take a day off of all electronics and do fun things together.

57. Pick them up from school early and take them for a special lunch or afternoon away.

58. Take them to the store and allow them to pick all the ingredients to make banana splits.

59. Look for shapes in the clouds.

60. Take your child out for a “date night” by going to do something fun together.

61. Watch funny videos with them online. (PastorKarl.com)

62. Take your kids to visit a local fire or police station to bring a treat for them to show them you appreciate how they take care of the community.

63. Go feed the ducks with a day old loaf of bread.

64. Do a puzzle together. Provides lots of time to talk.

65. Go to the library and pick out books to read together.

66. Make some sandwiches and go have a picnic in the park.

67. Go on a hike! No nature? Pick a park and pretend it wild!

68. Camp out in the backyard.

69. Encourage giving “just because” gifts. Take them to the dollar store to buy supplies to make little gifts for close friends and family.

70. Lay in the grass and look at the stars one evening.

71. Make root beer floats.

72. Use magnetic words/letters to leave a note for them on the fridge.

73. Read their baby book with them.

74. Use window markers to leave a note for them on their bathroom mirror.

75. Always validate their feelings, even if you think it’s silly. (or wrong)

76. Tell them funny stories about when they were young.

77. Set up some blocks or toys in a scene for them to walk into their room and find.

78. Share the story of their birth.

79. Share with them how you picked out their name.

80. Draw with chalk on drive way – draw and play hop scotch.

81. Play I Spy while in the car.

82. Jam to music in the car and dance.

83. Teach your child how to whistle.

84. Make up names for the birds you see.

85. Smile at them often.

86. Tuck them in every night.

87. Eat meals together as a family without electronics.

88. Tell Dad Jokes. (Even if you are mom!)

89. High five often.

90. Give your kids a thumbs up.

91. Don’t expect perfection.

92. Don’t be afraid to say no. Kids need discipline.

93. Help them with their homework.

94. Have them teach you how to do a math problem or other work.

95. Protect them, but also allow to venture out on their own to explore.

96. Sit down and watch their favorite show, even if you really don’t like it.

97. Ask “why” often. Get them to talk and share.

98. Make their birthday a HUGE event!

99. Bring some special cookies or snacks to them when they are playing with their friends.

100. End every day praying for them.


Cross off the ideas as you do them,
or if they don’t apply to your situation.
How many can you do?

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