An Awesome Adventure with Parents

How do you make sure your kids know the BASICS of the Christian Faith? At our church, we offer a course for kids to take with a parent. It’s called the Awesome Adventure Small Group and it’s for 4-6th graders but they must attend with a parent.

It’s a twelve week class because there are 12 lessons in the Awesome Adventure Guide that my wife and I wrote. It covers topics from Salvation through how to read your Bible and Pray through how to discover your Spiritual Gifts.

Kids memorize Scripture each week and quiz each other (tested by a non-family member!) and earn points for attendance, bringing their Bible, knowing the verse and get BONUS POINTS when mom and/or dad know the verse too!

But it’s not all hard work – they play some games too because forming and growing relationships is also a part of discipleship.

Like this game where they were dropping gold fish crackers into their parents mouths! In our busy world, we need to help families carve out time to discuss spiritual things. That why I create Family Table Talkers every month to help families be more strategic at their meal times.

I also try to give kids practical skills, like this girl who learned how to share her faith with the simple “Bridge Illustration,” a classic simple way to share the Gospel with a friend.

The Awesome Adventure Guide is not only FUN and colorful and engaging with puzzles and codes and captivating story line, but it is PACKED with Scriptures to look up.

And I make parents do their own book too! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had parents tell me, “I came to this class for my kids, but I’m learning too!” How many times have you listened to an interview by an athlete after they win a championship and they are asked how they won, and they respond, “We went back to the fundamentals.” The secret to victory in the Christian life is the BASICS.

It’s time to put the FUN back into the FUNdamentals so our kids can be spiritual winners in life!

Let me encourage you as a parent to take your child or children through this book. Or, if you are a children’s ministry leader, create an opportunity to enable parents to go through it with their kids. It will impact their homes.

Here’s a text I got from a mom showing me how Awesome Adventure was helping their family connect with God’s Word at home.

Here’s a video where I tell more about it.

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