Bring a Kid to Church

Bring a kid to church!

There are so many unchurched kids who need a caring adult to invite them to church. Moody Church in Chicago was started because a man named Dwight started bringing lost poor kids to church. Since people rented pews back then the church leaders began to complain that the kids weren’t paying or supporting the ministry financially – so Dwight start renting pews for the kids. When it got to be too many kids, they told him he could no longer bring the children, they were too disruptive. So instead he rented a warehouse and started what he called a “Sunday School” to teach the children how to read using the Bible as a textbook as a strategy to lift them out of poverty. It grew and grew until it was hundreds of children every Sunday morning. It got so big it drew the attention of the President of the United States of America and launched a national Sunday School movement. President Abraham Lincoln visited to check it out. Today it is the Moody Church on LaSalle Boulevard. I got to be their first children’s pastor over 100 years later. You may know Dwight today as the Great Evangelist DL Moody, the “Billy Graham of the century before” who led millions to Jesus on both sides of the Atlantic. He also founded the Moody Bible Institute and the YMCA which originally stood for Young Mens Christian Association and existed to reach young men for Christ. (It no longer serves its founding purpose.) He started by reaching kids. As a father who could never have my own children, I just want to say that never stopped me from inviting kids to church until I finally became an adoptive dad.

There is no shortage of children who need Jesus! What kid can you invite to church on Sunday? I bet you have a few on your block.

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