Kat Says “Hi” to me Again!

Well, the last time I blogged about Live News Cameras and got the moderator Kat to say hi to me seems that I made my director web operations Steve a little jealous. You see it was Steve who TOLD me about Live News Cameras, and he had been following it since it launched and even blogged about it so when I got his favorite moderator to say hi to ME he let me know that he had been following her longer than me and even knew more about her, where she lived, etc., but that he wasn’t stalking her or anything! (hmmmm) Then today he tells me she is back from vacation! (not stalking, huh?) Well, to make up for it, I immediately logged on to Live News Cameras and e-mailed Kat again and this time asked how her vacation was and asked her to say hi to Steve for me, and she did! Hopefully this puts me back on good terms with Steve. It’s a good thing that me and Kat are obviously such good friends now and that she has twice responded to my e-mails live on a channel that is watched nation-wide by probably millions of online…

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Today I discovered the coolest website! I’ve been trying out Twitter for a few days when Kidology’s “Web Guy,” aka Tannerman posted on his Tweeter that you could watch the Shuttle in space LIVE at www.livenewscameras.com. I clicked over and discovered an amazing site. It looks like this: (Click image for full size view) There are several pages of live cameras you can click on and watch.There are the old familar (boring) webcams of highways, etc., but there are also live cameras of newscasts, but you get to see when they are “off the air” – even saw a news gal fixing her hair, doing the news blurb and then asking someone off camera how she did. The change from when she was “on” and then off the air was fascinating. Real people! My favorite was watching the space shuttle as it did a full rotation as it passed over Australia so that the space station (where the camera was) could take photos of the entire exterior of the space craft for analysis. Then I watched it dock to the International Space Station! Pretty amazing stuff to watch live on your computer while working! There is a moderator at times…

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Kidologist.com Widget Released

Thanks to my mac-genius buddy Chad over at: I now can offer my Mac usin’ blog readers a very cool Kidologist.com RSS Mac Widget: Just DOWNLOAD HERE, then open the ZIP file and double click on the file that looks like this: It will ask if you if you want to install the widget, and, of course, you say YES! Download Details Version: 1.0 License: Freeware File Size: 396K System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or later     THANKS to Chad for making this cool Mac widget for me! This kid’s got talent! For Mac tips, tricks and advice, be sure to visit Chad’s Mac Blog.

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