The Idiot’s Cube

For those of you intimidated by the Rubix Cube, I have invented an entirely new cube puzzle that even YOU can solve! Inspired by my brother who saw my naked Rubix Cube and said on Facebook, “…looks like a cube I could solve,” I decided to create a cube for the non-geniuses of the world. Enjoy: If you don’t want to buy 6 Rubix Cubes to get all the matching stickers, you can buy stickers at

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The Gospel Rubix Cube!

I have a new Gospel Tool that kids will enjoy! It all started because the stickers on my Rubix Revenge (4×4) were getting worn and peeling off: So peeled them all off! Well, all but one… 95 stickers later, I was ready to prep the cube for some renewed life: Now it was ready for NEW stickers, courtesy of Since the Wordless Book only has 5 colors, I added orange…“Orange you glad Jesus came?” Putting the new stickers on wasn’t that hard, and it’s great that Cube Smith gives you two sets for the few that you’ll put on crooked and once peeled off, won’t be smooth, so you can just add another. Once it was done, I made a YouTube video to demonstrate: What creative means have you come up with lately for sharing the Good News with others?

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