Old Gospel Tools – Same Timeless Message

I’ve been creating ministry tools for as long as I can remember, even before I had a “job” where that was part of what I do. I’ve been going through some “old stuff” and came across some old ministry tools I created back in the type, tape, and photo-copy days of old!

These were Gospel Tracts that I made to give to people I met along the paths of life. I’ve removed my address/phone from them (since they are defunct and don’t want anybody being called and bugged!), but the Message in them is as true as ever!

Let me encourage you to check them out and consider creating your own evangelism tool. People always responded well to something I had written myself over mass-produced Gospel tracts, because they seemed to see I cared enough to make it and then give it to them. So they would often read it and engage in conversation, even if I wasn’t able to persuade them toward my faith – they opened up dialogue, and that is always a good thing! They learned what I believed, and I learned more about them.

I had three versions for three levels of relationship and gave them out based on how deep I felt the conversation went and how much I thought they might actually read:

The short version:

GoodNews-Simple-CoverDownload the PDF here
(fold into fourths)

The longer version:

GoodNews-Cover1Download the PDF here
(fold into fourths)

The super short business card sized version:

LifePuzzle-SampleDownload the PDF here

It was fun creating these and I have so many fun memories of conversations that came out of handing these out. Perhaps it is time I create a fresh new one!



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