Kids Church = Noise Issue in Room 100

noise-in-Room100bIn children’s ministry you have to maintain a sense of humor. Otherwise, you’ll get your feelings hurt. I have a notebook where I save “keepers” – complaint letters and other ‘friendly’ notes and memos I’ve gotten over the years that remind me I work for Jesus, not men.

One such church memo I thought I’d post now that nearly ten years has gone by. It wasn’t directed at me, but I got a kick out of it, as you’ll see by the hand-written note on it and the highlights I did at the time (not intended for anyone else then, just my “keepers” folder.)

We were remodeling the Kids Church room, which was technically “Room 100” and the good folks on the property committee had some concerns about the “problem” with the “noise” in there and how “those in Room 100” might need to be “kept under control.”

The issue was that fixing this would not be “quick, easy or cheap.”

Those darn kids, they just love to sing, and that kids pastor! He just loves to rile them up so much and get them laughing so hard, it can be heard outside the room in adult classes!

Yes, acoustics in the room above Kids Church can be a real problem when you have a great children’s ministry.

As I like to say, “Smile. Adult Care is provided during all children’s ministry programing.”

Here is the full memo:

noise-in-Room100aDownload the Full PDF here


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