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Did you know I have the privilege of writing for a Spanish Children’s Ministry magazine? it is called Entre Ninos and it’s a wonderful ministry for the Spanish speaking segment of the Kingdom that ministers to children. There are often discussions on Kidology lamenting that there aren’t more resources for this demografic, and I’m always pleased to tell them about the Kidology Handbook that I have available for free in Spanish as well as Entre ninos that is loaded with Spanish resources. Often English speaking folks (like us) are just not aware of all that is available. I’m pleased to be contribting (freely) to this incredible resource and hope you will help spread the word! To read my current article, download the current issue free at www.entreninos.com – but here is a previous article you can download as well.  

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Old Gospel Tools – Same Timeless Message

I’ve been creating ministry tools for as long as I can remember, even before I had a “job” where that was part of what I do. I’ve been going through some “old stuff” and came across some old ministry tools I created back in the type, tape, and photo-copy days of old! These were Gospel Tracts that I made to give to people I met along the paths of life. I’ve removed my address/phone from them (since they are defunct and don’t want anybody being called and bugged!), but the Message in them is as true as ever! Let me encourage you to check them out and consider creating your own evangelism tool. People always responded well to something I had written myself over mass-produced Gospel tracts, because they seemed to see I cared enough to make it and then give it to them. So they would often read it and engage in conversation, even if I wasn’t able to persuade them toward my faith – they opened up dialogue, and that is always a good thing! They learned what I believed, and I learned more about them. I had three versions for three levels of relationship and gave them…

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Impact Kids Globally… NOW

It’s not every day you can DOUBLE YOUR MONEY investing in reaching kids! READ ON! That’s why Kidology gave to this and why I am urging you to help as well! We’ve been friends for several years now, but I must say God is doing amazing things through Gordon and Becki West and KidZ At Heart International. I’m not trying to make a shameless plug here, though you should know what they’re doing… around the world. KidZ At Heart exists to equip people to reach and teach kids for Christ within their own culture. They train children’s leaders here in North America to then go and train others cross-culturally using the principles from 2 Timothy 2:2. Each short-term trip provides practical and culturally-relevant children’s ministry training, and KidZ At Heart is committed to at least three consecutive years of training in the same community. But then, what’s the next step after several consecutive years of training? How can we better train and equip local leaders to then in turn train others in the community year round? KidZ At Heart feels led to launch KidZ At Heart Leadership Academies (aka KAHLA) in India and Uganda. KAHLA will provide in-depth training for…

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