Be the Adult Who NOTICES Kids!

I’m honored again to have another article in the FREE Spanish Magazine Entreninos. (No worries, my column is in English!) One of my Kidology Theorems was republished, Be the Adult Who Notices Kids. So, now you can download and print in a very nice format for your volunteers. Download the PDF here. To download the entire magazine, first download this PDF for English instructions on how to navigate the Spanish site to download any of their magazines FREE. Just visit to download Issue 40 (or any other issues you want!)

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¡Hola! Karlos is Back!

As I mentioned awhile ago, I enjoy the honor of contributing to Entre Ninos, a wonderful ministry for the Spanish speaking segment of the Kingdom that ministers to children. I want to encourage you again, if you know of anyone who ministers in Spanish to send them to so that they can download a copy and benefit from all that this incredible resource features. The current issue features an interview with Yancy (not Nancy) who has a new Spanish language CD out! I often hear how “there is nothing for Spanish children’s ministry workers” and often it is only that they don’t know where to look. Entreninos is a wonderful way to discover the resources available for our amigos!

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Karlos es el Fundador de

Did you know I have the privilege of writing for a Spanish Children’s Ministry magazine? it is called Entre Ninos and it’s a wonderful ministry for the Spanish speaking segment of the Kingdom that ministers to children. There are often discussions on Kidology lamenting that there aren’t more resources for this demografic, and I’m always pleased to tell them about the Kidology Handbook that I have available for free in Spanish as well as Entre ninos that is loaded with Spanish resources. Often English speaking folks (like us) are just not aware of all that is available. I’m pleased to be contribting (freely) to this incredible resource and hope you will help spread the word! To read my current article, download the current issue free at – but here is a previous article you can download as well.  

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