Kids Church = Noise Issue in Room 100


In children’s ministry you have to maintain a sense of humor. Otherwise, you’ll get your feelings hurt. I have a notebook where I save “keepers” – complaint letters and other ‘friendly’ notes and memos I’ve gotten over the years that remind me I work for Jesus, not men. One such church memo I thought I’d post now that nearly ten years has gone by. It wasn’t directed at me, but I got a kick out of it, as you’ll see by the hand-written note on it and the highlights I did at the time (not intended for anyone else then, just my “keepers” folder.) We were remodeling the Kids Church room, which was technically “Room 100” and the good folks on the property committee had some concerns about the “problem” with the “noise” in there and how “those in Room 100” might need to be “kept under control.” The issue was that fixing this would not be “quick, easy or cheap.” Those darn kids, they just love to sing, and that kids pastor! He just loves to rile them up so much and get them laughing so hard, it can be heard outside the room in adult classes! Yes, acoustics …

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That Which Shall Not Be Named, Obama and Feet


What do “That Which Shall Not Be Mentioned in the House of the Lord,” Obama and Feet all have in common? They all were in my Kids Church lesson a few weeks ago. It was a fun lesson on being a servant using the story of Jesus washing the feet of His disciples. Imagine the President of the Unites States coming over to your house and taking out the kitchen garbage? It included a fun shoe game, Gus complaining out chores, including having to clean up “that which shall not be mentioned in the House of the Lord” and some fun props that led to a bunch of fun feet puns when I posted the following picture on Facebook: (Read the Puns Here) It was a fun lesson, and you are welcome to use anything from it to teach on this topic. You can watch the entire lesson here. (The opening game is edited down so you can see the rules and a bit of the game play without having to watch the entire thing.)  

If Only Adam and Eve Had Kidology

Over on the Kidology Facebook Page (Have you liked it? Hmmmm?) We posted a status letting folks know about a great article from our good friend Kathie Phillips. (Visit her blog: It’s a pretty normal sounding status about getting ready for the fall. Then Chris Gidens makes a comment that totally changes it. Read the status – read Chris’s comment, the RE-READ our status again. And get a good laugh! Thanks, Chris, for making my day! Too bad Adam and Eve didn’t have Kidology to prepare for the Fall! Want to Prepare for the Fall? Read Kathie’s Article Here: 10 Tips to Help You Prepare for the Fall Listen to the NEW Kidmin Talk: FALL IS HERE! What Should I Be Doing? Podcast #58

How To Raise a Dew Baby

I had to hunt this down after one of the pictures was asked about on my Facebook page. I thought I’d go ahead and preserve it and share it for fun – though hesitantly, since I need you to know, it was in HUMOR, and I myself have been “cured” of my Mountain Dew addiction since 2009. (My name is Karl Bastian and I am a Dewoholic! But I’ve been sober for five years!) Also, please know, I never actually gave my sweet baby any Mountain Dew! But I did find it funny that a baby bottle nipple fit perfectly over the top of a soda can, and had fun freaking people out with that fact! HOW TO RAISE A DEW BABY: Here is one of my favorites. Luke sleeping with the Lion and the Lamb. (A gift from his Aunt Barbara.) This little baby started first grade today, hard to believe it: They sure to grow up fast!

In Case of Fire…

My sister posted this to my Facebook Wall. For some odd reason, it made her think of me… My reply was: No way! You’ve got to tweet it, post twitpic images, update your Facebook status, check into Four Square friends to see if any of your friends are in the building too, post a video of the fire to YouTube and do a blog post discussing your thoughts on the cause of the fire and the general lack of safety in the building, and THEN exit! But it did make me laugh, (and think). Truth me told, I might try to pull off a tweet on my way out of the building. (If I could do so safely, of course! And if I could do so without endangering anyone else, of course!) But do we tweet and facebook too much? Certainly! I sometimes wonder if when Jesus returns, Christians will miss it because they will all be looking down at their cell phones Tweeting: Jesus is here! #secondcoming Betcha wish you’d accepted Him? #heaven #hell #salvation #toolate #John316 Jesus will be yelling, “Hey! Look up! I’m here, time to put the cell phones down!” Ten bucks, there is no Internet …

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