A Convertible Half Wet!

What do you do when you are out with your convertible, enjoying a beautiful day with the top down, and it starts to rain, and THEN you discover that the the automatic top is broken?

I’ve been on the road (well, technically, in the air!) for weeks – speaking at Camp Hartland and Camp Timber-lee, and all the while my convertible has been in the garage with the top down while I’ve been filming in my car DiscipleTown videos for the next series. (How to Navigate the Old Testament, due out Aug. 20th)

So when I pulled out today, I had no idea the top was broken, its been down for a month! I discovered when I was out on a conference call with DiscipleLand after lunch with the family at the mall. I was then meeting at Speed Stacks HQ getting the low-down on some new products (BTW, I am the VERY FIRST non-employee to get a prototype on something I’ll blog about later!) when it started to rain!

What to do? Go home and cut out of an important meeting? Park under a tree? Then the innovative team at Speed Stacks discovered that the back double doors of their building might provide shelter!

Only problem – the door width was 70 inches and my car only fit halfway in the building, it was 75 inches mirror to mirror!

The view from outside

The view from inside

The car only fit in (with LESS than an inch on each side) up to the mirrors, and then we had to put cardboard over the front seat to keep the rain out! But we saved the rest from the rain.

Sometimes in life, you just have to be creative!

If you are an optimist, the car was half inside!

If you are a pessimist, the car was half out in the rain!

I only suffered a slight scratch when pulling out, but like I told Bob Fox, great memories in life come with a slight price tag!

Me and Bob Fox, President of Speed Stacks

PS: Me beating Bob’s daughter at Sporting Stacking!

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