3 Quick Tips When You Are Stressed Out

OK, you don’t have a lot of time for this post – because you have a zillion other things you really should be doing, need to do, should have done, and ought to do.

So I’ll get to the pointready?

stress-help1) Don’t make any Big Decisions while you are stressed out. Stay the course, time for reflection and evaluation and possible changes will come. Put off reactionary changes/decisions until you can calmly and objectively think clearly. As my dad used to say, “Bad decisions can always be put off to make later. Good decisions take time.”

2) Walk away for a few minutes. Pray. Breath. Ask what can go? What can be left undone? Usually something can. If you’re not sure, ask your spouse. Then, stick it out and do whatever you got yourself into (that can’t be dropped) but remember how you feel now. You’ll need that for evaluating later.

3) Look at your calendar and look ahead. Find a breather spot. Plan something refreshing and enjoyable NOW. Even if it is weeks away, you’ll have something to look forward to. Give yourself a light at the end of the tunnel. A date? A day off? A day spent with a friend? A hike? A drive? You’ll know what it is. Then VOW to keep that plan no matter how busy you are then, because you never will “have time” for refreshment; at some point, you just need to take it. (That’s what Yosemite Summit is for me.) Then, on that day, pray and evaluate and ask God for wisdom/ideas on how not to get back to where you are now. Learn from this time, later, and you’ll grow because of it.

“This too shall pass.” Hang in there. Know you aren’t alone. Need prayer? Drop me a line in a comment below or on Twitter or Facebook. I’ll pray for you!

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