It’s Your Choice, Everyday!

My dad used to say there is a reason “if” is in the middle of “LIFE,” because “life is what happens while you are making other plans.” Life is full of disappointments, set-backs, detours, and surprises. Happiness is not determined by how well life sticks straight to our plans and dreams, but by our attitude along the way as it twists and turns. As the old saying goes, we can look at the cup that is at 50% and say: It’s HALF FULL! It’s HALF EMPTY! Or just be stuck wondering… What will your choice be today? You may not be able to change your circumstances… but you can always change YOU! I’d love to hear in the comments what you have done to turn things around when you have felt stuck, discouraged or off track. Encourage others!

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Editing Pet Peeves

In my work, I get to edit a lot of stuff. I’m also blessed to have a great editor who edits my own work, since we are often blind to our own mistakes. I’m no master of the English language. My grandmother was the family English grammarian! But I do have two pet peeves that drive me nuts, and if you write for me (you know who you are) I’ve probably nagged you about these two. Double spaces after punctuation. Punctuation after quotation marks. The first is a left-over from type writers which I think have been gone for quite awhile. Type writers had small spaces and folks back then needed to hit the space bar twice to make a single space that looked the same width as the characters. You can read all about the history here if you like: Space Invaders. The second is simply good grammar. It was taught in grade school. Learn it. Why am I bringing this up now? As I was driving across this Great Land of America I stopped at a rest area and was surprised to see that a government sponsored ‘monument’ broke both my pet peeves. I wondered what processes were…

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Karl the Pioneer?

As I have just spent the last two days driving across the “fruited plains” I have had time at the wheel to think again about the rich (and sobering) history of this Great Land. And I love to day dream about what life would have been like for myself and my family had we lived in a time when crossing it wouldn’t have been in an air-conditioned mini-van with cruise control and fast food stops or look-a-like rest areas on paved Inter-states – but perhaps along the Oregon or California Trails of 1840? A time when it took months at walking pace to travel hundreds of miles into the unknown leaving all comfort behind and going forward with only hope and courage. What would “Karl the Pioneer” be like? I have often been called a “Pioneer of the Internet.” In today’s definition of a pioneer I suppose that is true. If being a pioneer is to ‘bravely go where few have gone before,’ then sure. O.K. I was a pioneer. I was building webpages in HTML when most people didn’t have an e-mail address and “blogging” before WordPress or Blogger existed. I survived the “Dot Com Crash” because I built…

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